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I think I'm definitely improving. Hooray!

Black Butler x 06
X/1999 x 04
Loveless x 07
DOGS x 08
Alichino x 02
Count Cain x 13
Assorted x 04

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Code Geass x 16
Neuro Fanworks x 14
Black Butler x 05
Thinkin' Lincoln x 04
DOGS x 02
Count Cain (Riff) x 13
Random/Art/Fashion x 30

Total x 84

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A mini-update, today. Only 30 icons :<, I'm sorry.

30 x Godchild

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Feb. 18th, 2008

Air Gear x 05
DOGS x 06
Neuro x 40
No Country For Old Men x 05
Suzaku Kururugi (Code Geass) x 26
Angel Sanctuary x 15
Random Art x 23

Total : 120

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Jan. 21st, 2008

eh, I had some other icons, but I don't think I'm going to post them now. I am trying to develop a new style -- the Bjork ones are very plain, but I tried out some new stuff on the DOGS icons, so hopefully they look okay :). I only have a couple icons today...

[001-009] Alex from A Clockwork Orange
[010-022] DOGS: Bullets and Carnage
[023-031] Bjork

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